Scala 3-Method-2


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Defining Methods

Scala 3 methods may contains many types of parameters:

Generic (type) parameters

Default parameter

Multiple parameter

Context-provided parameters

By-name parameters

Method can be defined either with return or without return:-

def mulMethod(a: Int, b: Int): Int = a + b//method with return type

def mulMethod(a: Int, b: Int) = a + b//method without return type

The keyword def is used to define a method

The Scala standard is to name methods using the camel case convention

Method parameters are always defined with their type

Declaring the method return type is optional

Methods can be multi lines, or just one line

Here are two examples of a one-line method named add that takes two Int input parameters. The first method shows the method’s Int return type, and the second does not:

It is recommended to annotate publicly visible methods with their return type. Declaring the return type can make it easy, and readable.

Calling methods

Invoking a method is simple:

val p = mulMethod(5,4)


val q = mulMethod(5,4)